When in Gozo, it is our motto to let you relax and completely lose the notion of time and just enjoy each moment of the day with its natural enchantment, please let us organize your pampering and just explore all the beaches and secret coves. Thirtyseven has many secret corners , and we are happy that you find your space to read, nap, ponder…..the real Mediterranean experience in her full beauty. Let yourself go and forget the city bustle and noise.




Our village is a rural one Munxar, so don’t be surprised if you were to see the sheep and goats going on their evening stroll, or if the geese or roosters cackle at an odd hour, we are after all in the haven of Mother Nature.


We want you to tune-out on your vacation so let us know your favorite activities so we can book them for you. We can also suggest favorites like having our skipper take you out to secret coves on our vintage Riva. Scheduling massage therapy is always a good way to begin and end a vacation.

Gozo has activites for those wishing to nurture the soul with romantic moments or for those seeking adventure. Including: scuba diving, yachting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, nature trekking, snorkeling, painting classes, pottery classes, yoga, Island history tours, and picnics. Share your desires with us so we can help make your wishes come true.