When my husband bought a 400 year-old farm house on the isle of Gozo all those years ago and handed me the keys as a birthday present, I will confess to you, I was a bit nonplussed. I certainly did not see what he saw. But then he has a knack for discovering gems in unprepossessing places. That was the beginning, what followed shortly after was years of a laborious process of renovation of this place grounded in love which was eventually mixed with passion and sweat and dedication into creating our 37 Gozo.


Twenty-some years later, I am at home in this place and we welcome the chance of sharing this modernized, once farmhouse with you today. Though our renovation included many upgrades in bringing it to civilization, the bones of this house still remain, and what also remains here is that ground base of love. Gozo, the island of Calypso, is an idyllic sanctuary of land in the middle of a sapphire colored sea. We have and continued to aim to create an idyll within our walls that matches the nature of the land we stand on.




My husband and I were living a frenzied life working in the world of fashion before moving here full time. Living in Gozo has blown a breath of fresh sea air into our lives and we hope that your stay here would do the same. That is what Gozo is essentially, a deep breath of oxygen into your soul. We welcome you here with sunny smiles and hope that while here you can relish the luxury of feeling lax.


We don’t like the idea of relaxation and luxury being mutually exclusive at Gozo 37. We believe there is a place for both in the same room. There can be luxury without grandiose overtures and there can be relaxation without sloth. At Gozo 37, we look to combine the best of both of these things, to satisfy both needs simultaneously, to please the search for both of these qualities – be it yoga, massages, trips to coves or beaches. Let us help and organize in your search, your exploration to find the best of both of these worlds. Luxe and lax. Gozo is filled to the brim with possibilities of different ways of detaching and detoxing from the hustle of day to day life. From scuba diving to bungee jumping to painting or pottery or to yachting. Let us know what will help you find the right experience and we will be thrilled to help you.